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Our Philosophy on Teaching and Learning



Students learn best in a stimulating environment which is supported by parents, teachers and themselves.


Students learn when the school environment is responsive to their developmental needs: emotionally, physically, and intellectually.


Students learn in an environment that respects multiple intelligences and is a catalyst for critical, creative, and abstract thinking.


Students learn deep, reflective thinking by engaging in art and artistic endeavors.


Students learn by developing the skills to achieve clear academic standards and expectations established by national and local educational authoritative bodies.


Students learn by moving progressively from learning to read to reading to learn, from skills to concepts.


Students learn when, through exposure to the larger world community, they become inspired to engage responsibly with that community.


Students learn best when disciplines are integrated.


Students learn best in an environment where clear boundaries are identified and maintained.




Invite parents and community members to share their skills and expertise on behalf of student learning.


Design a rigorous integrated curriculum that encourages depth of knowledge.


Align curriculum, both vertically and horizontally, reflecting local and national standards.


Combine learning with physical activity through our field science program.


Engage actively in the lives of our students through sharing of information, respecting their individual approach to the world around them, and encouraging healthy risk-taking.


Use a variety of formative and summative tools to measure student progress:  tools that assist both the teacher and the student to improve the process of learning and acquiring skills.


Provide physical activities, both in the form of organized activities, such as soccer and skiing, and old fashioned play such as sledding and snow building.


Design and maintain clear boundaries.