"At the Stevens School all the fifth/sixth grade students get to do a lot of fun projects
in Early Civilization and Art.  This year, we put on a play and we are going to do a puppet show."
-- Fifth Grade Student

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  LEAH BENEDICT          

  • Fifth and Sixth Grade Social Studies
  • Art
  • Life Skills

Ms. Benedict, an independent art historian, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art from Johnson State College. She has studied at S.U.N.Y, F.I.T., Hofstra University and participated in fellowships at the Shelburne Museum and Dartmouth College. She received a fellowship at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where she researched 17th century Dutch art and created a podcast for the museum.  Her specialty as an artist is old master painting methods and materials. She studied with Frank Mason in Vermont.

Ms. Benedict is an artist, curator, and art conservator. Through her enthusiasm and love of great art she encourages her students to believe that original creation is for everyone. Her personal mission as a teacher is to explore with students the concept of art as a cultural artifact, understanding the arts as a footprint of cultures past, present, and striding into the future. "As teachers building sustainable communities, we need to create connections among races, religions, countries, ethnic groups, professions, students, and teachers, building bridges, past, present, and future. Teaching at the Stevens School is the opportunity to meet these goals through an inter-disciplinary approach to curriculum, preparing students for high school, college, and responsible adult life."

Ms. Benedict infuses the study of ancient civilizations with her conviction that art is a human endeavor that has accompanied the rise of civilizations to convey values, establish identity, and to provoke questions about those values and identities.

The rigorous visual arts and art history curriculum explores art as cultural artifact gives students an insight into how and why art exists, evolves, and not only expresses part of the artist but reflects the society in which it was produced.