"I like the closeness of the community at Stevens."
-- Eighth Grade Student

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Assessment is intended to both measure and improve student performance. Since the school functions as a bridge to high school, preparing students to participate in the upper school system of evaluation is essential. Students are given guidelines for assessment at the beginning of each project, and they work with the teacher to establish timelines for completed work. Assessment combines product, performance, tests, quizzes, and teacher observations, using Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities and the Vital Results. All evaluation standards and expectations are reviewed with the student regularly. Where there is concern, the teacher and student, in some cases together with the parents, establish a plan for improvement with specific benchmarks and timelines.

In addition to the continuous interaction between student, school, and family, interim written reports are sent to parents. Letter grades, with comments from the teacher or assessment team, are sent home at the end of each trimester.