Stevens School Admissions Policy


The School’s commitment to equity and diversity guides the admissions policy.    The School recognizes the transformational power of rigorous school education and welcomes students and families who accept our mission and methodology.  There are no specific criteria in determining the students who are accepted.  Rather, we work with the family and the student to ensure that there is a good fit for the student and the school community.  There are many factors that are considered in making the final determination.   We hold high expectations for the students, but a student who has performed poorly at a previous school should not assume that he or she would not be accepted.   The transitional nature of an integrated curriculum, high expectations, and interactive instruction allows students to grow significantly during their tenure here: socially, academically, and personally.

            The School seeks students who wish to discover and enhance their interests and who hope to participate fully in a school environment.  As a First Amendment School, the focus on democratic participation permeates all aspects of school life.  Learning to balance the rights of the five freedoms with the needs of the common good is an ongoing process at The Stevens School.   From behavior to clothing to conversational interaction, the school community engages in ongoing awareness of the School culture. The teachers, the staff, and the Board believe that a receptive, respectful environment promotes thoughtful responses to the curricular demands in the classroom and compassionate behavior in the school at large.  

            All interested families are encouraged to apply to the School.  Please check with the Admissions Director for specific information or to arrange a visit to the School.